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A brief introduction to DIVA Catering

At DIVA, we believe in the age old tradition when immense care was taken to collect the freshest ingredients to create dishes that reflected the labor of love invested in the food. We seek to evoke this tradition where an event was not just about a gathering of people, but also a celebration of food.

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Mohit Nagpal

Manager, DIVA Catering
(M) + 91 7291996198
(E) mohit@diva-italian.com


Dinesh Kumar

(M) + 91 7290043704
(E) dinesh@diva-italian.com

DIVA Catering takes pride in their exquisite presentation and highly specialized level of customization of International cuisines. It provides all its customers tailored specifically for their event. Be it a Mexican station with Burritos prepared in front of guests, or a Swiss station with Roesti made to order amid countless toppings along with fresh Fondue. From Asian cuisines showcasing stir-fry or Khao Suey to a lavish Middle-Eastern Mezze spread or a tasting of Regional Indian cuisines from Appams to Tandoori, and of course DIVA’s famed authentic Italian specialties.

We bring the touch of finesse and drama to your event with our trademarks - like our custom designed wood-fired oven belting out Napolitan pizzas in your garden to fresh truffles flown in directly from Italy being shaved on your guest’s risotto or the International chefs we invite to India especially to cater for your event.

Be it a home dinner, suited corporate event, wedding celebrations or a birthday party, DIVA Catering dresses up food in all its glory allowing your guests to go home with full bellies, a smile on their face and a lasting impression of your event.

DIVA Catering embraces a vision of food as a spectacular symphony of taste and presentation, along with exceptional service and stylistic expressions that elevate any event into a celebration of life.

Chef Dalmia sets the standard for catering with award-winning cuisine, showcasing both classic and innovative interpretations through exquisite food that is resonant with authentic flavours, respectful of seasonal ingredients, and artfully composed for that perfect visual impression.

With Diva Catering you can be rest assured that you have an organization of experienced, talented people who stand ready to take care of every nuanced detail and special request to ensure your event is a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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