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The newly launched Diva Casa, delivers socially curated DIY meal kits to guests with cooking instructions and a special video of Chef Ritu accompanying each recipe explaining some special tips and secrets for each recipe. These kits are made with utmost care and focus on hygiene safety and following WHO guidelines. To ensure safety the kits are made in our base kitchen and are delivered by our team directly in refrigerated and vacuum packed containers.
Talking of which Chef Ritu Dalmia says "The most important reason for bringing out DIY kit is that our food is best eaten when freshly prepared rather than reheated. Secondly today we all love the idea of putting a meal together, but don't like doing the dirty work, so we are here to do the dirty work and we want our guests to enjoy the cooking part and putting their meal together."
The DIY meal comes with separately packed ingredients including chopped onions, parmesan cheese, fresh leaves, among others along with a QR code for a video link of chef Dalmia explaining how to cook it. Chef Ritu said given that consumers are extremely conscious about hygiene and safety, this gives them a chance to enjoy a gourmet meal without fear of contamination as its being heated and cooked at home. Even to deliver the meal kits, the company is using its own vehicles and staff. No third party delivery is allowed to avoid slip ups.
Why did we start with DIY concept - Why not! It was a natural pivot for us as we own a catering business and had kitchen assets and packaging equipment to do this - says Nakul Chandra, CEO - Diva Restaurants. So, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have gone mobile and are delivering our signature dishes straight to your home through DIVA CASA. We will be bringing some of our most savoury culinary 'experiences' to your doorstep, for you to enjoy within the comforts of your home.
Place your orders now - Whataspp or call Mohit Nagpal (M) +91 72919 96198 |(E) mohit@diva-italian.com
Dinesh Kumar (M) +91 72900 43704 | (E) dinesh@diva-italian.com

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